Team Z


After the loss of our Border Collie we wanted to get Dante a little sister. Again we contacted a local rescue group to find the perfect match. This time what we were looking for was slightly different. Having such an active guy we needed a dog who could keep up, but since Dante is on the high end of the energy scale we wanted our second dog to be a little more mellow so that they wouldn’t destroy our house with their playtime. We also wanted a female, males and females tend to be a good match, two males can cause dominant behaviors and females can get bossy with each other.

We found our perfect match in a beautiful pup (almost 1 year old) that we named Ziva, a beautiful American Pitbull Terrier!

She’s the perfect match for us! She’s also very smart and has a huge drive to please. Like a true bully she is head strong and a joy to train. She is more responsive in some ways than Dante, likely due to being of a more “follower” type personality whereas Dante will “lead” in a situation given the chance.

As we were looking for a second dog I fell in love with her picture but when I called the rescue group I was informed that she had some health problems and was temporarily un-adoptable until the figured out what was going on. So in the meantime we kept looking and met many wonderful dogs but none were matches for our family. After searching for a while the rescue called me back and said that Honey (her name at the time) was available to look at provided we understand that she might have health issues in the future.

When we first met Honey she came from a foster home with several other large bully breeds – originally from California she had been found dumped as a puppy at an industrial ware site. She was then picked up by our local rescue group with a few other California dogs, she was the smallest and youngest of the group (almost a year old) at her foster home. She had a lovely personality and got along well with the other dogs in the foster pack.

On our first walk with her as we were trying to get to know her better we realized that when she was in new surroundings without her pack, she tended to get nervous but do well over all with treat distractions and a confident leader.

We fell in love with her and decided to set an appointment to see if she’d get along well with Dante.

Their initial meeting he was super excited to meet another dog but poor Honey was a bit put off by his behavior. After a walk we let them loose in the backyard for play time, then introduced her to the cats.

She definitely had a prey drive but we decided that since we’d be crate training we could work her through it, her only other main issue was that she needed some major confidence building.

So far she has had no health problems or limping which was what the rescue was trying to figure out. We decided that she either had been suffering from growing pains (as is common in large breeds) or had maybe been playing to rough with the bigger dogs.

*We later learned that she had leash aggression when approached in the wrong manner by other dogs. Another issue we spent many, many hours working on.**

My Name is Ziva!

I love to play fetch and snuggle for movie time! I’m super fast and my mom trusts me off a leash because I am really good at coming back to my name.

I used to be a little nervous in new situations but i’m learning to trust my parents and follow the example of my brother who isn’t scared of anything (except kittens don’t tell him I tattled!).

I’m learning to do joring with my brother but i’m very content to let him do all the work and just run alongside.

I love stealing my brother’s bed.
My first bath in my new home.

My one bad habit though is that even though I am thoroughly exercised in the mornings before my parents go to work, I still tend to chew my bed…mom hopes its just a puppy phase that i’ll grow out of.

 Hear more about us here:  DZ Dog Adventures

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